Research Higher Degree Supervision


Completed Supervision (Doctorate)

Associate Supervisor: Dr Anthony Perrone, 2009. Central Queensland University. Research topic: This research reports on a study conducted relating to customer service quality. The main focus was on a retail service setting dealing with the servicescape or the physical environment where customers and service providers meet. The outcome of this research confirmed the servicescape had a direct positive influence on a retail setting.

Current PhD Supervision of Research Higher Degree Students

Mr Tri Le, whose topic is Word of Mouth Communication in Higher Education (successfully passed confirmation of candidature June 2015).

Mr Mohammed Fakiha whose topic is Stories of Brands: Conceptualising and Measuring the 'Brand Story' Concept (successfully passed confirmation of candidature October 2014).

Mr Tony Cooper, researching the role and value of online communities and online community engagement for fashion brands (commenced study March 2015).

Ms Ashleigh Druce who is interested in the forwarding behaviour of online viral communications (commenced study March 2015).

Ms Janine Hendry, whose topic focusses on the influence of gender on technologically mediated communication (commenced study August 2015).

Current Masters by Supervision of Research Higher Degree Students

Mr Louis Fernandes, whose topic is Viral Marketing as a Corporate Communication Strategy in Higher Education (currently on leave of absence, due for completion seminar in the 2016 HDR Summer Conference).

Academic Leadership in Research

Associate Professor Angela Dobele has served on confirmation and completion panels for higher degree by research students and examined thesis.

She is interested in supervising students looking at topics related to referrals (word of mouth or viral) or academic issues (including student performance and academic workload).

Dr Onnida Thongpravati graduated last year with her thesis on the topic of market-driving innovations and understanding the critical success factors at the front end of the development process. Dr Thongpravati's thesis is a top 11% finalist in the ISPIM Innovation Management Dissertation Award and is retained for the final evaluation rounds. She is employed as a postdoctoral researcher in entrepreneurship and innovation at Swinburne University.