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Industry Report



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European Journal of Marketing - Editorial



Lindgreen, A., Dobele, A., & Vanhamme, J., (2013) ‘Word-of-mouth and viral marketing referrals: what do we know? And what should we know?’, European Journal of Marketing 47 (7), 1028-1033.

Book Chapters



Heffernan, M., Stavros, C., Westberg, K,. Dobele, A,. & Smith, A. (2017) ‘Australia’ in Routledge Handbook of Physical Activity Policy and Practice, Piggin, J., Mansfield, L., & Weed, M. (Eds.). (2017). Routledge.


Lindgreen, A., Dobele, A., Beverland, M., & Vanhamme, J., Viral Marketing, Marketing Metaphors and Metamorphosis, edited by Philip J. Kitchen, Palgrave Macmillian, Hampshire.

Editorial Positions



Associate Editor, Journal of Services Marketing, ABDC Ranked A

Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing Education, ABDC Ranked B


Special Edition Co-Editor (with Ms Kylie Radel, CQU), Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development (SLEID).


Associate Editor for The Faculty of Business and Informatics working papers. The working paper series is designed to help early career researchers and postgraduate students to get publishing experience before they submit their papers to a conference or a journal.

Invited Papers/Speaker



Keynote Presentation invitation to senior executives of Victorian State Government on behalf of Randstad, one of the world’s largest recruitment and HR service organisations.

Keynote Presentation invitation to present at the ‘Supervisors’ Colloquium: Can You Publish That?’ for the School of Graduate Research, College of Business, RMIT University.


Invited panel member 'Relevant Business Curricula: Integrating Corporate Feedback into the Classroom' panel at the MMA (Marketing Management Association) Fall Educators' Conference, Puerto Rico, September.


Guest presenter and panel member at the Australian Association of Social Marketers Technology Symposium, held in Melbourne on communication and social media.

Invited to lecture to the undergraduate Market Research class, University of Lethbridge, Canada.

Guest research presenter at the University of Lethbridge on the topic of research excellence and EFM (as Deputy Head, Research & Innovation).

Guest lecturer, undergraduate Advanced Marketing Communication class, Monash University, invited by Professor Peter Danaher.

Chair and presenter, ECR Mentor event run by Research Capacity Building Team, RMIT University, on the topic of Building a Research Program.


Invited keynote presenter Victoria University College of Business Candidature Forum and at the Business Research Showcase, RMIT University on research skills and strategies.

Invited forum member in the 'Fundamentals of Publishing Your Research' forum organised by the Research Office, Research & Innovation Portfolio, RMIT University.


Invited guest presenter Fairly Educated Conference on communication and social media.


Invited guest presenter, 'Let's Talk Marketing' radio show produced by Vision Australia Radio, 1179AM, by Dr Anthony (Tony) Perrone.


Invited radio panellist on ABC Radio Capricornia.

Invited Guest Presenter for the Academy of Marketing, Doctoral Colloquium, July 2, 2007, hosted by Kingston College. Topic: Surviving a Research Higher Degree.

Invited Guest Presenter for CQU Women in Research luncheon, 27 March 2007. Topic: 'Women in Research - Feathering our Nests and Getting Ready to Fly'.


Invited Guest Presenter for the Central Queensland University Library on the topic of why academics must publish and the publishing process matched to career goals and outputs.


Qld State Tourism Conference

Guest presenter for 2005 Qld State Tourism Conference, held in Gladstone. The conference brings together delegates from Queensland and inter-state to consider recent trends and movements in tourism to the state and country. Attendees at this conference included:

- All Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO's) currently operating in Queensland;
- Tourism Operators in Queensland;
- Tourism Queensland Office;
- Agencies with an interest in the tourism industry in Australia, including Government Departments.

The theme for the three day conference was ‘Riding the Wave of Change'. Angela was asked to present on the topic ‘Know Your Customer: How to meet your needs whilst meeting theirs'. This topic was an acknowledgement of her expertise in the area of marketing and customer service.


Council of Postgraduate Students

Guest presenter at the Council of Postgraduate Students and CQU Student Association 2004 Annual General Meeting. Angela's topic was Word-of-Mouth Communication and its' impact on student decisions. This topic was especially relevant to the Council given the change from compulsory to voluntary student unionism.

Edited Volumes



Dobele, A., Lindgreen, A., Beverland, M., and Vanhamme, J. (2008), "Viral marketing", in Kitchen, P. (Ed.), Marketing: Metaphors and Metamorphosis, Palgrave-Macmillan, Basingstoke.

Research Higher Degree Supervision


Completed Supervision (Doctorate)

Associate Supervisor: Dr Anthony Perrone, 2009. Central Queensland University. Research topic: This research reports on a study conducted relating to customer service quality. The main focus was on a retail service setting dealing with the servicescape or the physical environment where customers and service providers meet. The outcome of this research confirmed the servicescape had a direct positive influence on a retail setting.

Current PhD Supervision of Research Higher Degree Students

Mr Tri Le, whose topic is Word of Mouth Communication in Higher Education (successfully passed confirmation of candidature June 2015).

Mr Mohammed Fakiha whose topic is Stories of Brands: Conceptualising and Measuring the 'Brand Story' Concept (successfully passed confirmation of candidature October 2014).

Mr Tony Cooper, researching the role and value of online communities and online community engagement for fashion brands (commenced study March 2015).

Ms Ashleigh Druce who is interested in the forwarding behaviour of online viral communications (commenced study March 2015).

Ms Janine Hendry, whose topic focusses on the influence of gender on technologically mediated communication (commenced study August 2015).

Current Masters by Supervision of Research Higher Degree Students

Mr Louis Fernandes, whose topic is Viral Marketing as a Corporate Communication Strategy in Higher Education (currently on leave of absence, due for completion seminar in the 2016 HDR Summer Conference).

Academic Leadership in Research

Associate Professor Angela Dobele has served on confirmation and completion panels for higher degree by research students and examined thesis.

She is interested in supervising students looking at topics related to referrals (word of mouth or viral) or academic issues (including student performance and academic workload).

Dr Onnida Thongpravati graduated last year with her thesis on the topic of market-driving innovations and understanding the critical success factors at the front end of the development process. Dr Thongpravati's thesis is a top 11% finalist in the ISPIM Innovation Management Dissertation Award and is retained for the final evaluation rounds. She is employed as a postdoctoral researcher in entrepreneurship and innovation at Swinburne University.



Associate Professor Angela Dobele has been invited to review papers for the Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Customer Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Services Marketing and the Journal of Management & Organization. Associate Professor Angela Dobele is a regular reviewer for The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) and a past reviewer for the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM), AusWeb 2007 and the CQUniversity Women in Research conferences.